Letra de Beyond My Reach - Tony Levin

Letra de canción de Beyond My Reach de Tony Levin lyrics

The orange sun that warmed our day
becomes an oval as it sinks into the bay
we used to marvel at how fast it slips away
without a fight, so comes the night

So come the waves across the sand
so came the tides of time
erasing what we'd planned
and now the wind tugs at these letters in my hand
the ones held tight against the night

Against the future looming like a cliff above me
against the memories colliding below
the hardest lesson that this tide is washing over me
comes a time in life the only peace we'll know
is letting go

And so this day gives in to night
across the bay the clouds go scudding out of sight
Like us the sky clings to it's memories of light
but carries on when light is gone

I've scanned these words for what they teach
and now I close my eyes to see behind the speech
I let your letters fly like seagulls from the beach
they float away, beyond the bay
beyond my reach

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