Letra de Better Man - Beth Hart

Letra de canción de Better Man de Beth Hart lyrics

He got me feeling so fine
He taught the sun how to shine
He turns my water to wine
He do it every time
Ain't nothing better than that
I let him play with my cat
Got nothing on but his hat
Ain't nothing wrong with that

All that i want him to know
That i want him to know
Is that i love him so
He's better than i ever had
More than i can stand
I found me a better man, better man
How loves better than, better than
Better than you ever can
Dont want no animal
Acting so out og control
I found me a better man
He grease my pan better than you can

He's no complicated man
He's happy holding my hand
He likes to Swim in my tub
I like his rub'a'duck
He's never stolen my car
Or tried to pawn my gitar
He doesn't flirt with my friends
My money he can't stand

Love and happiness i have received
Love has surely been so good to me
I finally found myself a piece og sky

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