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Letra de canción de Baby Love de Diana Ross lyrics

Ooh baby love, my baby loveI need you, oh how I need youBut all you do is treat me badBreak my heart and leave me sadTell me, what did I do wrongTo make you stay away so long'Cause baby love, my baby loveBeen missing ya, miss kissing yaInstead of breaking upLet's do some kissing and making upDon't throw our love awayIn my arms why don't you stayNeed ya, need yaBaby love, ooh, baby loveBaby love, my baby loveWhy must we seperate, my loveAll of my whole life throughI never loved no one but youWhy you do me like you doI get this needhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/baby-love-diana-ross.php
Ooh, ooh, need to hold youOnce again, my loveFeel your warm embrace, my loveDon't throw our love awayPlease don't do me this wayNot happy like I used to beLoneliness has got the best of meMy love, my baby loveI need you, oh how I need youWhy you do me like you doAfter I've been true to youSo deep in love with youBaby, baby, ooh 'til it's hurtin' me'Til it's hurtin' meOoh, baby loveDon't throw our love awayDon't throw our love away

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