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Letra de canción de Baby Blue de Badfinger lyrics

Guess I got what I deservedKept you waiting there too long, my loveAll that time without a wordDidn't know you'd think that I'd forgetOr I'd regretThe special love I had for youMy baby blueAll the days became so longDid you really think I'd do you wrongDixie, when I let you goThought you'd realize that I would knowI would showThe special love I have for youMy baby bluehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/baby-blue-badfinger.php
What can I do, what can I say'Cept I want you by my sideHow can I show you, show me a wayDon't you know the times I've triedGuess that's all I have to say'Cept the feeling just grows stronger every dayJust one thing before I goTake good care, baby, let me knowLet it growThe special love you have for meMy dixie dear

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