Letra de Apathy Revolution - Catatonia

Letra de canción de Apathy Revolution de Catatonia lyrics

the months don't matter, they're laughing at you
and I'll stay in bed if I want to
well is it Monday, let it be Sunday
I think a diary would help don't you?
the morning, the menu, the menial grime
I wish I could care but I don't have the time

'cos I'm leading the apathy revolution
and my stamp sized shopping list will have to wait
come and join me in my apathy revolution
don't forget your shoes and don't be late

I like the late bus
I'm lacking focus and I'll drive you to disraction
is revolution your one solution
to drive me into false action
my phone bill, my finance, my fridge is a mess
I should sort it out but I couldn't care less

revolution x 8

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