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Letra de canción de African Holocaust de Steel Pulse lyrics

African Holocaust
I and I have survived the past
African Holocaust
Don't you know we were meant to last

Some people say we got to move on
What's in the past has now been long time gone
You think what you've got is your freedom
But all it means is to be FREE and DUMB


So much tears so much pain and indignity
It's truly wonderous how we came through slavery
Now we bare the scars some say we'll never heal
Worst injustice to mankind is very real


When it comes to the system a we still the victims
Of isms and schisms of ugly racism
The beatings, the lynchings, the shootings, the killings
They say its finger licking Kentucky Fried Chicken
Head on the chopping block
When will it ever stop
Struggle to reach the top
Waiting for us to flop


Took our language, stole our gold,
Gave us religion to lose our souls
In this confusion, we will find our way
In this great future, in Jah we praise


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