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Letra de canción de A Tale That Wasn't Right de Helloween lyrics

Here I stand all aloneHave my mind turned to stoneHave my heart filled up with iceto avoid it´s breakin´ twiceThank to you, my dear old friendBut you can´t help, this is the endOf a tale that wasn´t rightI won´t have no sleep tonight[Chorus]In my heart, in my soulI really hate to pay this tollShould be strong, young and boldBut the only thing I feel is painIt´s alright, we´ll stay friendshttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/a-tale-that-wasn-t-right-helloween.php
Trustin´ in my confidenceAnd let´s say it´s just alrightYou won´t sleep alone tonight[Chorus][Solo]With my heart, with my soulSome guys cry you bought and soldThey´ve been strong, young and boldAnd they say, play this song again[Chorus][Solo]

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