Letra de A Sarcastic Hello - Anni B Sweet

Letra de canción de A Sarcastic Hello de Anni B Sweet lyrics

wonder why the mixture of two compounds
must have something in common
so they can work out.
I can't get in my head
why answers can't be questions
or questions could be answers to my insane head.
I get desesperate when I wake up in the morning
And I See a big neon that says:

Work it out!
And I said good morning hello hello hello
Good morning! Hello hello hello!

I love to see the sunset while I'm sitting in my couch
And I like to see people walk by
Everything seems to be so calm and so right
Until turn on the news and guess what?
A hundred people dying or a heavy rain has come
and took away their home

Work it out!...

Hello! hello oh! hello oah! hello oh!

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