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Letra de canción de A Rose At Night de Bob Geldof lyrics

Here she comes like a Queen all through the wintertimeSkirts that billow long after she's goneYes I could smell her smell on the pillow late at nightShe's a rose that blooms at nightAnd all the streets were wet and slicked with rainOutside my green front doorNumber 48 seemed dull by comparisonI went on down to the pub to stock up for the long night by myselfThat's one way out of this cold and lonely worldYes I'll be a rose that blooms tonightThe city's quietThe rioters have all gone home nowThe fire brigades' sirens have been locked up for the nightThere's a blackout down on Brown StreetWhere all the blues come homeAnd yes there's a rose that blooms at nightNow Jim he packed up all his bags and saidhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/a-rose-at-night-bob-geldof.php
"It's time to get out of here"But his wife and children they were crying out in the kitchenOut in the backOnce a year he remembers that scene But it seems so long ago nowHe tries to remember but he can'tYou don't look backMemories - they're like a rose that blooms at nightThere's a clock that never strikesIn the Town Hall's towers of steelThere's a road that's never usedIt's never kissed with the hiss of wheelIn your mouth is a rusted braceThat you flash with your junkyard smileShine on like a rose at night

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