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Letra de canción de A Good Death de Son Of Aurelius lyrics

Cornered and helpless. I'm horrified and shaking
But I must not show fear nor cry out in order to have a good death
I must not beg for mercy. I will not see the next day
But I'm proud, as the blade strikes I leave to join the gods
I feel the warmth as my life disbands, spilling onto the
Staining the sand, the crowd roars as I fall lifeless and silent
This is a good death, but what has happened
I'm looking at my corpse
One dressed as Chloros
The other as Mercury, defile my body
This is not honorable
I am in a dream, I must redeem myself, myself, this is nothing like what I was told
I've been betrayed and I must redeem myself restore honor somehow I shall return
Defile the body dragged through the sand by hooks through the ankle
I tried to stay honorable but now they have stripped my pride
Restless soul wanders the earth forever
This is disgraceful
This is a bad death

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