Acorde de Where Fools Are Kings - Steve Wariner

Letra de Where Fools Are Kings

Capo 4th Fret 

Intro: (D) (D)

(D) Somewhere down the (G) line, I went so wr(D)ong

Took my love where (G) love did not bel(D)ong

You know, I (G) never should have str(D)ayed

But (G) like a kid, who (D) wants his way

I ran into the (A) night, where fools are (D) kings

Where fools are (G) kings

Love's the (D) loser

My (Bm) heart was taken (D) for a ride

(G) Down a street of (D) passion

Where (A) fools are (D) kings

Well, I (D) ended up in a (G) city filled with (D) class

Where broken hearts are (G) thrown away like (D) trash


And though I (G) didn't know it (D) then

You know I (G) thought I fell in (D) love again

I walked into a (A) trap, where fools are (D) kings

Repeat Chorus

I (D) finally gave up (G) trying to live that (D) myth

To straighten up the (G) mess I left her (D) with

You know I (G) thought she'd underst(D)and

But all I (G) found was a note by her (D) wedding band

Said, "I left a behind a (A) fool to find a (D) king

Repeat Chorus

Where (A) fools are (D) kings

Where (A) fools are (D) kings

Where (A) fools are (D) kings

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