Acorde de We Could Still Belong Together - Lisa Loeb

Letra de We Could Still Belong Together

D-F#m G

If I hold my breath

If I shut my eyes

If I disappear

Am7 G

Just for the afternoon

D-F#m G

If I can't help shouting

If I lock you out

And If it's not important

Completely unimportant

To anyone else but me

D-F#m G

We could still belong together (We could still belong)

And together is much better


We're okay so hey don't worry now


Oh wow

D-F#m G

If I interrupt and


If I cut you off and

If I like attention and

Other worse things I could mention

Chorus x2

D-F#m G

But if you make a mistake


We're through

Chorus x2

Oh wow.

D-F#m G

This, I complicate I know

It's just my way but

If is a question

That I ask and nothing more.

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