Acorde de Walking Man - James Taylor

Letra de Walking Man

Intro: Emaj9 Esus4-6  (repeat several times) to E or Eadd9

Moving in [E7]silent despera[A]tion [B]

Keeping an eye on the[Esus4-6] Holy Land [E]

A hypo[E7]thetical destina[A]tion [B]

Say, who is this [Esus4-6]waliking[E] man? [Esus4-6] [Gadd9/A]

Well, the [Dmaj7]leaves have come to turn[Asus4]ing

And the [Dmaj7]goose has gone to fly [A7sus4] [Bb sus]

And [Bm7]bridges are for[E9] buning

So [Bm7]don't you let that [E9]yearning pass you by [A13]

Walking [Dmaj7]man [A7sus4], walking man [Dmaj7]walks [A7sus4] [Bm7]

Well, any other man[E9] stops and talks [A13]

But the walking man [Dmaj7]walks [A7sus4]

Well the frost is on the pumpkin

And the hay is in the barn

An Pappy's come to rambling on

Stumbling around drunk

Down on the farm

And the walking man walks

Doesn't know nothing at all

Any other man stops and talks

But the walking man[Dmaj7]walks on by[A7sus4] [Dmaj7]

Walk on by [Bm7] [A]



Most [F#m7]every[Em7]body's got [A7sus4]seed to [Dmaj7]sow


It ain't always [F#7add5]easy for a weed to [B9]grow, [F#7#5]no [B9]

So [Eadd9]he don't hoe the row[Gadd9/A] for no one

Oh for sure he's always missing

And something is never quite right

Ah, but who would want to listen to you

Kissing his existence good night

Walking man walk on by my door

Well, any other man stops and talks

But [F#7]not the [Bm7]walking man.....

[E9] [A7sus4] [F#7] [Bm7] [E9]...(ad lib)...etc..

(ad lib during fade, etc)

He's the walking man

Born to walk

Walk on walking man

Well now, would he have wings to fly

Would he be free

Golden wings against the sky

Walking man, walk on by

So long, walking man, so long....

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: You've Got A Friend: The Best Of James Taylor , Walking Man , Live

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