Acorde de Two Step - Dave Matthews Band

Letra de Two Step

Dm Bb C                        F 

Oh my love do you believe that we

Bb Am Gm Dm Bb C F

Might last a thou sand years or more if not for this

Bb Am Gm F

Our flesh and blood it ties

Bb Am Gm F

You and me right up time we celebrate oh

C Gm Bb Am F

Celebrate we will

F C Gm Bb Am

Cuz life is short but sweet for certain

F C Gm Bb Am F

Hey we climb on two by two

F C Gm Bb Am


To be sure these days continue

F Bb Am Gm Dm

Things we can not change

Dm Bb C F

Oh my love you came to me like wine

Bb Am Gm Dm

Comes to that mouth

Bb C F

Grown tired of water all the time

Bb Am Gm F

You quench my heart and love

Bb Am Gm F

You quench my mind and celebrate oh

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Crash

El acorde de Two Step de Dave Matthews Band es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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