Acorde de The Sound Of Your Goodbye (Sticks And Stones) - Aaron Tippin

Letra de The Sound Of Your Goodbye (Sticks And Stones)


(G)Girl I've got scars and (C)I've seen stars

From (G)men nearly (D)twice my (G)size

Yeah, (G)life's sticks and stones have (C)broke a few bones

But (G)I've always surv(D)ived

So (G)when I take a look at (C)all I've took

It (G)don't seem (D)right to (G)me

How a (G)little bitty woman with (D)just a few words

Could (G)bring me (D)to my (G)knees

Sticks and (C)stones wouldn't hurt a (G)bit

Compared to the (Em)cold cruel words (C)that just left your (D)lips

I'd rather you (C)pick up a rock, a (D)stick full of thorns

(G)Rear back and let 'em (C)fly


'Cause those (G)sticks wouldn't cut, (D)stones hurt as much

As the (C)sound of (D)your good(G)bye

Yeah, I (G)know I'm the reason (C)for your leavin'

(G)I'm to blame (D)sure (G)enough

It's (G)like you say there (C)ain't a woman made

That can (C)live without true (D)love

So if (G)it's too late to (C)set things straight

And (G)there's (D)no forgiving (G)me

Then (G)don't say nothin', just (C)pick you up something

That'll (G)end this (D)mis(G)ery


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