Acorde de The Song I'll Never Write - Gary Barlow

Letra de The Song I'll Never Write

Capo on 5th Fret (If you don't want to, just transpose up 5 semitones XD)

Intro: (for a whole bar)


Verse 1:

Am                          Em
Although it's here in every breath I take

F                              C            Em
I just can't bear to share the thought

Am                             Em
Don't want to hear my voice or find the key

   F  G         C
To un-lock this door

F                        C
For the first time in my life

F                       C         G
I refuse to quantify in notes and rhymes


G        C          
It's the song that I will never write

It means to much I never tried

F                                  C
Nothing to add, I'd only take away

G        C 
It's the song I'm not prepared to share

Or hear its message on the air

F                                    C    G
The words would be to personal to say

F                     G       C
So I'll just take the day off today

Verse 2:  


Am                          Em
It's like the loudest voice inside my head

F                         C            Em
But I'm the only one that hears

Am                         Em
Won't let my pen and paper ever meet

     F     G       C 
No I won't hear my tears

F                             C 
It won't get out, I'm far too strong

F                              C       G
To let these feelings be three minutes long

[Repeat Chorus]



Am                 Em
It's alright, It's okay,

Em                        F
I go through this every day

F              G
No escape, I'm awake,

It won't end up on the page

Am          Em
Not in this life, no

F                    G          C
That's the song that I'll never write

[Repeat Chorus]


G        C
It's the song that I will never find

It can't be yours, was never mine

That's the song that I'll never write!

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