Acorde de The Sky's Got The Blues - Aaron Tippin

Letra de The Sky's Got The Blues


(G)High up in the sky the not a(C)cloud is floatin' by,

It's a(A)picture perfect after(D)noon.

(G)Birds upon the wing,(C)I can hear them sing.

(A7)Chirpin' out a happy(D)tune.

Well i'm(G)walkin' around with my head hangin' down.

(C)Got a reason for fellin' this(A)way.

(C)Since you been gone(G)things look so wrong.

The (Em)skys got the blues(Am)today.

The(G)skies got the(E)blues.

(A)Like I got'tem for(G)you.

The(G)skys got the(E)blues.


And(A)I've got nothin to(Em)look(D)up(G7)to.

IT's a(G)beautiful day,just another shade.

OF(C)me missin' you.

Well the (Em)skys got the blues the skys got the blues(G)today.


Every one i see is happy as can be. lovin' all this warm sunshine.

So many things to do,beneath the sky of blue,not a worry on their minds.

But i could stand a change,some clouds and some raIn.

Now ain't that a sad thing to say.

It could take a turnfar's i'm concerned the skys got the blues today.

(repeat chorous)

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