Acorde de The Bad Thing - Arctic Monkeys

Letra de The Bad Thing


Em Bm

Do the bad thing

Am G F#

Take off your wedding ring

Em Bm

But it wont make it that much easier

Am G F#

It might make it worse

Verse1: (rhythm |Dm 2 3 C| A 2 3 4|Dm 2 3 C|A 2 3 4|


The night's like a whirlwind


Somebody's girlfriend is talking to me

Dm C A

But it's alright , she's saying that he's not that he's gonna slap me


Or try to attack me, he's not the jealous type

BRIDGE: heavy downstrokes!

Dm Am

I've been before and all these capers makers to the floor

Dm Am

Then to ignore, she's talking but I'm not entirely sure

Dm Am, Dm Am, Dm Am, F# G

CHORUS: (same progression Em, Bm, Am, G F# x2)

Do the bad thing


Take off your wedding ring

But it wont make it that much easier

It might make it worse


Dm (strum once, then bass only!)

Somebody's partner is talking to me

But I don't that is what she isn't

She murmurs things to confirm the tragedy is true

And I knew how could she not she could have anyone she wants

And I'm struggling to think of an immediate response

Bridge: Dm Am

Like I don't mind

Be a big mistake for you to wait and help me waste your time

Really love it's fine

Said really love it's fine

Dm Am x 3 F# G

FINAL CHORUS: same chords as original chorus, Em. Bm, Am, G F#

And the first time it occurred that there was something to destroy

I knew before the invitation that there was this ploy

Oh but she carried on suggesting

I struggled to refuse

She said it's the red wine this time

But that is no excuse


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