Acorde de Tell Him - Celine Dion

Letra de Tell Him

(G#m) I'm scared

So afraid to (D#m/F#) show I care

Will he think me (E) weak (C#m)

If I tremble when I (B) speak

(D#) Oooh - (G#m) what if

There's another one he's (D#m/F#) thinking of

Maybe he's in (Emaj7) love

(F#/E) I'd feel like a (D#m7) fool

(G#m7) Life can be so (C#m7) cruel

I don't know what to (B) do

(Emaj7) I've been there

With my heart out in my (D#m7) hand

(G#m7) But what you must (D) understand

You can't let the (A/C#) chance

To love him pass you by (E)

Should I

(A) Tell him

(F#m7) Tell him that the sun and moon

Rise (D6) in his eyes

Reach (Bm7/E) out to (E) him

And (A) whisper

(F#m7) Tender words so soft and sweet

(Dmaj7) Hold him close to feel his heart beat

(Bm7) Love will be the gift (E) you (A) give yourself



(F) Love is (Bbmaj7) light that surely (Em7) glows


In the (C/E) hearts of those who (Dm7) know

It's a (G7/B) steady flame that (C) grows

(Ab) Feed the fire with (Dbmaj7) all the passion (Cm7) you can (Fm7)show

Tonight (Bbm7) love will (Ab) assume its place

This (Dbmaj7) memory time c(Eb/F)annot (Fm7) erase

(Bbm7) Your faith will lead love (Ab) where it has to (Fsus) go (F)

Never let him go

G#m: 466444

D#m/F#: 2x434x

C#m: x24432

D#: x65343 or x68886

Emaj7: xx2444

F#/E: xx2322

D#m7: x68676

G#m7: 464444

C#m7: x46454

A/C#: x4222x

D6: xx0202

Bm7/E: 0x0201

Dmaj7: xx0222

Bbmaj7: x13231

Em7: 022030 or x79787

C/E: xx2010

Dm7: xx0211 or x57565

G7/B: x20001

Dbmaj7: x46564

Eb/F: xx3343

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