Acorde de Spirit - Future Islands

Letra de Spirit

Capo 3 

Am(x4) C G C G 

Am       Am
Trusted, repeated
Am      Am                   C       
Candor, uneven ?" in it?s the will to find
The right design
    C                 G
The form belongs, to no one
         Am    Am
Holding truth

Come see me through
Am                C
Come through the sea
To share
And bare
The light inside of you


Am               Am
Don?t cast away, don?t cast away
Am              Am
Don?t let them cast a role for you

Em        G             C
Find the sun, force the moon
Loose the earth
                    Em                G                C
For dreams come to those who let them in their guarded room
     Em              G
Open wide your winged-eye
          C                  C
Spirit drives ?" to catch the truth
              Em                    G                 C     C 
For spirit thrives where darkness comes to challenge you


Am             Am
Be more than words
Am           C            G
Be more than strength and kind
    C        G
Be love and blind
To those who come to you
Am                 Am
Sing something new
Am        C       G
Belief is wet and ghost
     C         G      
Yet, loves the most of what we do


Am           Am
Those winter days
Am           C      G
Those winter nights
      C              G       Am
Those days and those nights
Am           Am
Come see me through
Am               C
Come through the sea
   G        C
To bare And share
The light inside of you


          Em     G  
Challenge you  
       C      C
Challenge you

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