Acorde de She Made A Memory Out Of Me - Aaron Tippin

Letra de She Made A Memory Out Of Me

*Baare Chords* 

(Verse 1)

(G)Your'e lookin' at a man who's almost gone.

(G)Had a good woman but I went and did wrong.

(G)When she found out I was doin Double time.

She(D)moved my(C#)heart to the(C)back of her(G)mind.

(G)She made a(Gm) memory out of(G)me.

The victim of the(Gm) crime is all you(D)see.


Like a statue of(C)stone(Gm)part of me is(G)free.

(C)Yea that woman made a(Gm)memor(Bb)ie out of(G)

(Verse 2)*Same Pattern*

Lord I'm so low down For whatI done.

I don't even make a shadow whem i'm walkin in the sun.

I hide my face and hang my chin.

Just another sad strory 'bout an old has been.

(repeat Chorous twice)

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