Acorde de Pure Pleasure Seeker - Moloko

Letra de Pure Pleasure Seeker

Am Dm E Am 

Gotta get me some, gotta get me instant gratification.

Gimme new kicks, won't you show me new trickswithout the ramifications

Give it a try, don't be shy, well you know you might like it.

Never been to keen a timekeeper but I'm a pure new pleasure seeker

All the way from Venus invading from Mars, don't let that come between us, it's written in the stars.

Save me from fading afraid the tears of a fool on parade quietly turn into stone, make me flesh and bone

Stimulation in body and cell for the good and misguided, desperation I'm under your spell, misunderstood and derided.

Speculation they kiss and they tell, misjudged and misquoted, fell into the abyss, a must have wanted this, another myth exploded.

Take a weight off your mind, trust the voice of experience, I'll tell you little white lies, viva indifference.


Stoke up the fire, I'm all you require, they won't set you alight, come and live your desire.

Be crime against passion not to itch that itch, oh don't ask how it happened, this is it

All we have ever wanted, all we will ever need, nothing can take its place, it's written all over your face

Well come on, oh, you know that you want it now

Well come on, yeah, you know that you want it and how

Gimme new kicks, I wanna go deeper, never been to keen a timekeeper

Show me new tricks, you can get me on the beeper, I'm a pure new pleasure seeker.

Come make me whole, body and soul

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El acorde de Pure Pleasure Seeker de Moloko es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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