Acorde de Places In My Past - James Taylor

Letra de Places In My Past

Cmaj9 - - - F/G - - -

Cmaj9 Am7, Am7 Em7 F

There are ladies in my life

Dm7 F/G Cmaj9

Lovely ladies in these lazy days

Am7 Cmaj9 D7

And though I never took a wife

G Dm7 Fmaj7 Em7 F F/G

May I say that I have loved me one or two

Cmaj9 Am7, Am7 Em7 F

Of the people in my past

Dm7 F/G Cmaj9

Fading fac-es in a waking dream

Am7 Cmaj9 D7 G

And though they never seemed to last very long

Dm7 Fmaj7 Em7

There are faces I remem-ber

F F/G Cmaj9

>From the places in my past

F Dm7 G/A


I said, all the dead-head miles

Dm7 G

And the insincere smiles

Em7 Am7 Em7 F Dm7 F/G G

Sometimes I can laugh and cry and I can't remember why

Am Em7 F F/G

But I still love those

Cmaj9 Am7, Am7 Em7 F

good times gone by

Dm7 F/G Cmaj9

Hold on to them close or let them go

Am7 Cmaj9 D7

I don't know

G Dm7

I just seem to sing these songs

Fmaj7 Em7 F F/G Cmaj9 - - -

And say I'm sorry for the friends I used to know

F/G - - - Cmaj9 - - - F/G - - - Cmaj9

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