Acorde de Pet Shop Eyes - The Growlers

Letra de Pet Shop Eyes

You got those pet shop eyes but honey I'm not buying

C                          F
You look so cute and seem so sad I almost thought about cryin'

Well, honey, if you was mine I'd give you a happy home

C                            F
But I must leave you behind, I got a girlie of my own

Not sure that you'd get along, my girl could never betray

C                              F
She wants me all to herself and I got no reason to complain


A#     A        F
Uhhhhhahhhhhhhaaahhhhh uhhhhaaahhhhhhhhh (repeat)

You got those pet shop eyes
But honey I must refrain
I'm in no position to buy
I'd better leave you to remain

You got those pet shop eyes
Honey I'm not buying
You look so pretty and so sad
Almost thought about crying

For the jammy bridge part just groove on an F chord.  Then on the last verse, play this 
for the first part:

C                                 F
I like to dream about what happened, if I could put you on a chain

C                                        F
If I could give you my everlasting love we could share the same name

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Hung At Heart

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