Acorde de Party In Your Bedroom - Cash Cash

Letra de Party In Your Bedroom

A5             B5    G#5        A5 

There's a party in your bedroom all night long

A5 B5 G#5 C#5 B5

There's a lot of talk about you

A5 B5 G#5 A5

Cause there's a party in your bedroom all night long

A5 B5 G#5 C#5 B5

Pretty girl, it's your show, let it go, when you're alone (x2)

A5 B5 C5

Lips sealed tight, don't say goodnight

Verso 1:

C#5 A5

Walking down the street keeping hush hush on the scene

E5 B5

No one knows you, such a mystery

C#5 A5

Opposite of fun, till you turn the power on

E5 B5

Then you come out, turning up the heat


A5 B5 G#5 C#5

Upstairs all alone, one click for a show

F#5 G#5

Your roof is on fire you're loosing control


(Verso 2) (mesmos acordes do verso 1)

Refrão 2x:

B5 C5 C#5

It's no debate, when I think of you can't stay on track

G#5 G5 F#5

Cause I can't wait, can't stay on track can't hide the fact


You're all I want, you're all I need, let's get this party started, kick it hard just you and me


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