Acorde de My Traveling Star - James Taylor

Letra de My Traveling Star

Asus4 = X02230 

Asus4/7 = X02200

Dsus = XX0230

Dmaj7 = XX0222


INTRO: A Asus4/7 A Dsus Fm E (2x)

AWatch my back and light my wayDmaj7

My traveling sFmtar, my travelEing star A

AWatch over all of those born St. Christopher\'s Day Dmaj7

Old road dog, Fmyoung runEawayA

AThey hunger for home, but they cAsus4annot stay Dmaj7

They wait by the dDmoor

They stand and they staFmre

They\'re already out of theDmaj7re

They\'Fmre alEready out of Athere

AMy daddy used to ride the railsDmaj7

So they sFmay, so thEey saAy

ASoft as smoke and as tough as nailsDmaj7

Boxcar JoFmnes, old walEking man A

AComing back home was like goAsus4ing to jail Dmaj7

The sheets and the blDmankets and babies and Fmall

No, he never did come back hoDmaj7me

Never that I recall

AsusNeverEmind the Awind

AsusNeverEmind the Arain

AsusNeverEmind the Aroad

AsusleadingE home aFmgain

FmNever asEking Awhy

FmNever knoEwing Awhen

FmEvery nowE and Athen


AsusThere he goEes agaAin

AShe had a cat and a dog named Blue Dmaj7

My traveling sFmtar, my travelEing star


A big old stove and a fireplace, too

Old road dog, young runaway

She told me she loved me like it was true

I knew I should stay

I knew I would go

Run run run away

Run run run away, boy

Run before the wind

Run before the rain

Over yonder hill

Just around the bend

Never knowing why

Never knowing when

Every now and then

There you go again

Tie me up and hold me down

Oh, my traveling star

Bury my feet down in the ground

Oh, old road dog

Claim my name from the lost and found

And let me believe this is where I belong

Shame on me for sure

For one more highway song

My traveling star

My traveling star

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: One Man Band , October Road

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