Acorde de My Heart's In Over My Head - Joe Diffie

Letra de My Heart's In Over My Head

Intro: (C)  (C)  (C)  (C) 

(C) I never thought I could get caught

But you (F) slipped in on my blind (C) side

I let down my gaurd, now I'm fallin' hard

Gettin' (F) lost in those deep blue (G) eyes

(F) I'm standing here, when I (C) know oughta run

(D) But, my shakin' knees tell me the (G) damage has been done

My (F) heart's in over my head

And I'm (C) feelin' like it's out of my hands

(F) I've never been to this depth

(D) Ain't no need to fight it, cause I (G) know I'm sinking fast


My (F) heart's in (G) over my (C) head

(C) Girl I'm confused, will you excuse me

If (F) I seem to lose my (C) head

With each tender kiss, I see what I've missed

I just (F) might let you love me to (G) death

(F) I know we've gone past the (C) point of no return

(D) I don't understand it, but I (G) think that I have learned

Repeat Chorus Twice

Yeah, my (F) heart's in (G) over my (C) head

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: A Night To Remember

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