Acorde de Maybe - Enrique Iglesias

Letra de Maybe


e ————————————–

B –7-7-7-7—–7—–6-6-6-6—7——–

G ———-3-4—————–6——-

D ————————————–

A ————————————–

E ————————————–

Verse 1:

F# B

If I had, one single wish

C# F#

I go back to the moment I kissed

F# B

You goodbye no matter how hard I tried

C# B

I can’t live without you in my life


F# B

Maybe you’ll say you still want me

C# F#

Maybe you’ll say that you don’t


F# B

Maybe we said it was over

C# F#

Baby I can’t let you go

(intro is also played again)

Verse 2: (same chords)

I walk around couldn’t understand

Where we were wrong and I can’t pretend

It wasn’t me it wasn’t me

But I’m convinced we gave up too soon

Chorus (same chords)

Ebm G#m

Nothing left to lose after to losing you

C# F#

There’s nothing I can take

Ebm G#m

When I run to you, when I come for you

C# C#

You tell me I’m too late

Chorus x 3

El acorde de Maybe de Enrique Iglesias es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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