Acorde de Many, Many, Many Beers Ago - Aaron Tippin

Letra de Many, Many, Many Beers Ago


(A)With every drink I take it's getting(C#m)harder to re(E)call.

(D)And I ai'nt gonna' stop untill I forget it all.

(E)Cause once upon a time she(C#m) use to love me(E)so.

(D)But that was many,many,many beers a(A)go.

(D)All my tincan buddies(A)help me ease the(E)pain.

(A)One by one they remind me.She aint comin back a(E)gain.

(E)Just how long shes been gone.I can't say I really(D)know.


(A)But it's been many.many,many(E)beers a(D).

(2)*same pattern*

I Don't need a watch or a clock on the wall.

To tell me just how long, it took for me to lose it all.

And this gettin over her is goin' pretty slow.

It's been many,many,many beers ago.

*repeat chorous* twice

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