Acorde de Love Or Something Like It - Kenny Rogers

Letra de Love Or Something Like It

Capo 3


Show me a bar with a good lookin' woman


Then just get out of my way


Turn on the jukebox


I'll show you a song you should play


Sooner or later, a few shots of bourbon


And I'll think of somethin' to say


Woa-ah, I can take her or leave her

A7 D

But I'd like to take her away

That's when I asked her, "My place or your place?"

I hope I'm not out of line

I asked the wrong thing


But just the right woman this time

She knew a hotel, she even had a name we could sign

Wo-ah, the cheaper the grapes are

The sweeter the taste of the wine


Somethin's got a hold on me

A7 D

It's cheap but it ain't free

D D/C# D/B D/A

Lo-o-ve or somethin' like it's

D/G A7 D

Got a hold on me

Liquor and Music, a good combination

If you've got love on the brain

I never knew two women

Who acted the same

Some want a drink first and

Some want to just sit and talk

It's 2 in the mornin', I'm runnin

But she wants to walk

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El acorde de Love Or Something Like It de Kenny Rogers es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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