Acorde de Living In The Past - Jethro Tull

Letra de Living In The Past

Intro/Flute solo:

Cm F / Cm F /Cm F / Cm F

F Eb Bb /Cm

F Eb Bb /Cm /Cm STOP

F G / / / /

D /G /D /G


C Bb F

Happy and I'm smiling

Walk a mile to drink your water

You know I love to love you

And above you there's no other

F Eb Bb

We'll go walking out

While others shout of wars disaster

C Bb F

Oh, we wont give in,


Lets go living in the past.

Flute solo (Chords as intro)


C Bb F

Once I used to join in

Every boy and girl was my friend.

Now theres revolution, but they dont know

What they're fighting

F Eb Bb

Let us close out eyes;

Outside their lives go on much faster

C Bb F

Oh, we wont give in,

Well keep living in the past.

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