Acorde de Life's Highway - Steve Wariner

Letra de Life's Highway

Sun is up Time's at hand

There's a stir upon the land

And so begins another day

On life's highway

On city streets Down country roads

Like a stream the people flow

There's bread to win and tolls to pay

On life's highway

There is hope with ev'ry turn

A bridge to build A bridge to burn

It's open new Never go astray

On life's highway


We are young Them are old

Passin' through Then passin' on

Like the roses bloom and fade

On life's highway

Step by step Round and round

Never knowing where we're bound

>From the cradle to the grave

On life's highway

| G | Em | Am | C | Am | C | D | G |

bridge| Em | Am | Em | Am | Am |C D| G | G |

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