Acorde de Leave In Silence - Depeche Mode

Letra de Leave In Silence


Am F Am F Am

[Am]I've told myself so many [F]times [Am]before

But this time I think I [F]mean it for [Am]sure,

[G]We have reached a full [C]stop,

[D]Nothing's going to stop save us from the [D-10]big [D-10/C]drop.[Am]

Reached our natural [F]conclusion,

[Am]Outlived the [F]illusion,[Am]

[G]I hate being in these [C]situations

[D]That call for diplo[D-10]matic rela[D-10/C]tions.

[Dm]If I only knew the answer,

Or I thought we had a chance,

Or I could stop this,

I would stop this thing

From spreading like a [Am]cancer.

[Am]What can I say,

I don't want to play any more.


[Adim]What can I say,

I'm [Dm]heading for the door.

[Em]I can't stand this emotional violence.

[Am]Leave in silence [Adim][Dm][Em][Am]

[Am]Leave in silence [Adim][Dm][Em][Am]

[Use the same chords in the second verse. ]

We've been running round in circles all year,

Doing this and that and getting nowhere.

This will be the last time,

I think I said that last time.

If I only had potion,

Some magical lotion,

That could stop this,

I would set the wheels in motion.

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