Acorde de Leather And Lace - Stevie Nicks

Letra de Leather And Lace



D | D/C | G/B | D/A | G | D/F# | A11 | % |



D | D/C | G/B | D/A |

IS love so fragile? And the hearts so hollow

G | D/F# | A11 | A11 |

Shatter with words impossible to follow

You're sayin' I'm fragile. I try not to be.

I search only for somethin' I can't see.

I have my own life, and I am stronger than you know.

But I carry this feelin' when you walked into my house

That you wouldn't be walkin' out the door.

Still I carry this feelin' when you walked into my house

When you walked into my house that you won't be walkin' out

the door.

Chorus - both


G | A | G | A | G | A |

Lovers forever, face to face, my city or mountains.

G | A | G | A | G | A |

Stay with me stay. I need you to love me. I need you today.

G | A | G | A11 | % | % | % |


Give to me your leather. Take from me my lace.



You in the moonlight with your sleepy eyes,

Could you ever love a man like me?

And you were right: when I walked into your house,

I knew I'd never want to leave.

Sometimes I'm a strong man,

Sometimes cold and scared,

And sometimes I cry.

But that time I saw you, I knew with you to light my nights,

Somehow I'd get by.



A11 % is A rest







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