Acorde de Is It Cold In Here - Joe Diffie

Letra de Is It Cold In Here

Verse 1 

GThere' something wrong lord i'mCFeeling aGChill.

CThat runs throught my heart, like a torch cuts

Ccuts throughDSteel.

Gyou haven't said a word,Are youCfeeling itGto.

GIs it cold in here orDis it justGyou.

Verse 2

CDid I leave the door wide open and let the chill

kill that oldBdesire.

CShould I put my arms around you'

Or put another log on theAfire.


CIs it my imagination or did the tempaturejustAdrop

Anothch orG.two

GIs it cold in here orDis it justGyou.

Verse 3

There's no warmth at all, when i try to hold you near.

You stare into apsc as if I weren't here.

Did our love just die'

Or is it about to.

Is it cold in here,or is it just you.

repeat 2

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