Acorde de If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red

Letra de If You Don't Know Me By Now

A                      C#m                            D                                             E7       

1. All the things that we’ve been through, you should understand me,

2. We’ve all got our own funny moods, I’ve got mine,

E (F#m G#m) A

1. like I understand you.

2. and, woman, you’ve got yours too.

A C#m D E7

1. Now girl I know the difference between right and wrong.

2. Just trust in me and I trust in you, as long as we’ve been together,

E (F#m G#m) D

1. I ain’t gonna do nothing to breakup your happy home.


2. that should be so easy to do.

D F7+ (D4)

1. Oh, don’t get so excited, when I come home alittle later tonight

2. Just get yourself together, or we might as well say goodbye,

Dm E4 E (F#m G#m) A

1. ‘cause we only act like children when we argue fuss and fight.

2. what good is a love affair when you can’t see eye to eye?

A C#m7 D Dm

If you don’t know me by now, you will never ever ever know me, oohooooh.

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