Acorde de If I Could Hold On To Love - Kenny Rogers

Letra de If I Could Hold On To Love

(intro) D  G 

D D7M D6 Am7 D7

Just once in my life ... if I could find someone, if once,

G7M Em7 A4/7 A7 C7

The feeling was right ... I'd never let her go ...

F7M F7

I'd always be there ... if I could have my chance to be,

Bb7M Gm7 C7 C4/7 C7

The only one ... it just isn't fair ...

F Bb C7 F

If I could hold on to love ... I'd never let it go,

Bb Am Gm C4/7 C7

I'd keep it right next to my heart ...

F Bb C7 F

If I could hold her tonight ... she'd never leave my side,

Bb Bbm D G


If I could only hold on ... to love ...

D D7M D6 Am7 D7

I'm searching my dreams ... I'm trying to recognize that face,

G7M Em7 A4/7 C7

Oh ... Who can it be ... she's calling out to me ...

F7M F7

And now I'm running to her ... but everytime I get this close,

Bb7M Gm7 C7 C4/7 C7

She vanishes ... into the night ...


Bb Bbm Ab Fm F#

Is it ever come I came to pass ... that I find a love that lasts,

Bbm Gm C4/7 C7

Or is that too much to ask ?

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