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Letra de I've Got A Good Memory

(F)It was a quarter to three on the day that we met. 

Exactly nine o five on the(G)night that she left.

(F)Well I tried my best,but I(Bb) still can't forget,

(F)How good she used to beeeeeeee.

(F)And it's just to bad I got a(C)good memo(F)ry.

(Bb)Good memories are hard to leave be(Fm)hind.

(F)I've got a bushel basket of'em running through my mind.

(Bb)I still lover her,but she don't love(Bbm)me.

(F)It's just too bad i got a(C)good memo(F)ry.


*same pattern*

She had a front page smile and a watchful walk.

Left a love light burning that I cant turn off.

Her first impression left a lasting thouhght.

And she's comong back to meeeeeeeee.

It's just too bad I got a good memory.

(repeat chorous) (twice)

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