Acorde de Honesty - Billy Joel

Letra de Honesty


Bb Eb F Dm7

If you search for tenderness it isn't hard to find

Eb Gm Am Cm7-F-F7

You can have the love you need to live

Bb C F D

And if you look for truthfulness you might just as well be blind

Eb A D

It always seems to be so hard to give


Ebmaj7 F7 D Gm7 F

Honest- y is such a lonely word

Eb F Bb D

Everyone is so untrue

Ebmaj7 F7 D Gm7

Honest- y is hardly ever heard

Eb F Bb F9sus

But mostly what I need from you

[end chorus]

Bb Eb F Dm7

I can always find someone to say they sympathize

Eb Gm Am Cm7-F-F7

If I wear my heart out on my sleeve


Bb C F D

But I don't want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies

Eb A D

All I want is someone to believe

[repeat chorus]

Gm D

I can find a lover, I can find a friend

F7 C

I can have security until the bitter end

Eb F F7 Eb Bb

Anyone can comfort me with promises again

C7 F D-Eb-F9sus

I know, I know

Bb Eb F Dm

When I'm deep inside of me, don't be too concerned

Eb Bb Am Cm7-F-F7

I won't ask for nothing while I'm gone

Bb C F A Dm

When I want sincerity tell me where else can I turn?

Eb A7 D7

Cause you're the one that I depend upon

Coda: Bb-Bbm-F#maj7-F7-Ebm#7-F6-F7-Bb

El acorde de Honesty de Billy Joel es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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