Acorde de Freestate - Depeche Mode

Letra de Freestate


F#m 244222

F#dim7 234242

D x577xx

E 079900

B 799877

Bm7 x24232

Am x02210

Am7 x02010

D7 xx0212

Dm7 xx0211

[F#m] I can hear your soul crying

[F#dim7] Listen to your spirit sighing

[F#m] I can feel your desperation

[F#dim7] Emotional deprivation

[D->E]Let yourself go

Let yourself [B] go

[D]Let your feelings[Bm7] show

[F#m] Picking up the conversations

[F#dim7] Deep in your imagination

[F#m] Tune into the lonely voices


[F#dim7] Talking of their only choices

[D->E]Let yourself go

Let yourself [B] go

Let your spirit [Bm7] grow

[Am]Step out of your [Am7] cage

And onto the[D7?Dm7] stage

[Am]It's time to start

Playing your[D7?Dm7] part

[Am]Freedom aw[Am7]aits

Open the [D7?Dm7]gates

[Am]Open your [Am7] mind

Freedom's a [D7?Dm7]state

I can taste the tears falling

The bitterness inside you calling

Yearning for a liberation

Emotional emancipation

Let yourself go

Let yourself go

Let your senses overflow

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Ultra

El acorde de Freestate de Depeche Mode es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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