Acorde de Fields Of France - Al Stewart

Letra de Fields Of France

AmHis flying jacket still hast Dher perfEume 

AmMemories of the Gnight Fplay across his Cmind

EHigh above the E7fields of AmFrance D E

AmA single biplane in a Dclear blue Esky

Am191G7, no Fenemy was Cseen

EHigh above the E7fields fo Amfrance Am7 D

Oh she Dmlocks,Fmaj7 but ther's nothing to Emsee Am

Still she Dmlooks,Fmaj7 saying come back to Amme G F E E7


AmHe tells her just remember Dme this Eway

For Amhere I am more G true than Fanything I Cdo

EHigh above the E7fields of AmFrance D E

Oh she Dmlooks, Fmaj7though he'll never come Emback

And them Dmletter that came was Fmaj7bordered in black A G F E E7

AmShe'll find somebody else but Dnot forEget

AmLeaving her regGrets Flike vapour trails of Cjets

EHigh above the E7fields of AmFrance D E

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El acorde de Fields Of France de Al Stewart es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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