Acorde de Fading Away - James Taylor

Letra de Fading Away

When I got [G] something to [A] say [D]

Don't I [Bm] always let you [G] know

So that [Bm] you and I can [G] go my way

[Em] Forev - [D] -ver

And if I get [G] carried [A] away [D]

I could [Bm] sailing on a [G] song

And [Bm] maybe we could [G] carry on

[Em] Forev - [D] - ver

But [G] lately [A] this old dog [D]

Has been cha - [Bm] - sing his tail [G]

[G] Round and [A] round and round [D]

And the [G] circles [A] in my [D] mind

They have been [Bm] winding [D] slowly [G] Down [D]

[G] Everybody's bree - [Bm] - zing up,

But I'm [D] seizing up

I'm [Bm] freezing up

And I'm [G] fading, [Em] fading a - [D] - way.

Well, I got a [G] on a [A] night in June [D]

I got [Bm] room for you and [G] me

I got [Bm] moonlight up in the [G] trees

I got [Em] sixty-eight de - [D] - grees

I got [G] nothing on [A] my mind [D]

But I got [Bm] loving in my [G] heart

And I got [Bm] something out in the [G] garden

I want to [Em] show [D]


[G] Well, it [A]doesn't really [D] matter after - [Bm] - all [G]

If we [G] quit this [A] round - [D] - about

'Cause [G] no one will [A] really no - [D] - tice

If we just [Bm] sit this [D] next one out [G] [D]

Well, you can [G] strike up the [Bm] band with - [D] - out me

You may [Bm] have your doubts [G] about me

But I'm just [Em] fading a - [D] - way

You can [Bm] hardly even [G] see me

'Cause I'm [Em] fading away. [D]


Well, it's [A] hard to [B] find a la - [E] bel,

For this [Cm] feeling in my [E] bones.

If this is [A] all a [B] make be - [E] - lieve,

But my [Cm] cards are [E] on the [A]table

And there ain't [Cm]nothing up [E]my [A]sleeve [E].

[A]And here I thought I was a[Cm] thinking man

But I'm a [E]shrinking man

I'm [Cm]sinking man

And I'm [Bm]fading, I'm [E]fading away

Well, it's [Cm] really not so [E] bad to be [Bm] fading a - [E] - way

[Cm] C'mon along with [E] me and we'll go [Bm] fading away

You can [Cm] hardly even [E] hear me

'Cause I'm [Bm] fading [E] away

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