Acorde de Crazy For You - Adele

Letra de Crazy For You

G                          Em 
Found myself today singin' out loud your name 
    C                    D      C          G 
You said i'm crazy, if i am i'm crazy for you 
G                             Em                             C 
Sometimes sittin' in the dark wishin' you were here turns me crazy 
         D                C        G 
But it's you who makes me loose my head 

    G                         Em 
And everytime i'm meant to be acting sensible 
    C                              D      C         G 
You drift into my head and turn me into a crumblin' fool 

Em                                   C 
Tell me to run and i'll race, if you want me to stop i'll freeze 
               G                                Em 
And if you and me are gonna leave, just hold me closer baby 

And make me 

C D       G 
Crazy for you, 
C D       G 
Crazy for you 

G                               Em 
Lately with this state i'm in i can't help myself but spin 
  D                     C                D         G 
I wish you'd come over, send me spinnin' closer to you 
G                            Em 
My oh my how my blood boils, a sweet taste for you 
D                               C       D        G 
Strips me down bare and gets me into my favorite mood 

G                                Em 
I keep on tryin', fightin' these feelings away 
        C              D         C    G 
But the more i do, the crazier i turn into 

Em                C             G 
Pacin' floors and openin' doors hopin' you'll walk through 
And save me boy 

Because i'm tooooooo 

C D       G 
Crazy for you, 
C D       G 
Crazy for you

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: 19 , 19 (Expanded Edition) , 19 (Expanded Edition) , Itunes Live From Soho (Ep)

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