Acorde de Come And Go Blues - The Allman Brothers Band

Letra de Come And Go Blues

Intro:8/8 (= 3/8 + 5/8)

||C2- F |C- G :||

4/4:G7 A7b9/G

People say that you're no good,

Cm6/G G5 (repeat 3x)

But I wouldn't cut you loose, baby, if I could.

Well, I seem to stay down on the ground,

Baby, I'm too far gone to turn around.

Oh, if only you would make up your mind,

Take me where you go, you're leaving me behind.


D F C G7

Woman you got those come and go blues,

D F C G7

Lord, you got those come and go blues, yes you do

C F- C G7

oh and you got me feelin' like a fool.

3 rondjes solo + interlude intro

G7 etc..... (repeat 5 x)

'Round 'n' 'round, 'round we go, -

Don't ask me why I stay here, I don't know.

Well maybe I'm a fool to care,

Without your sweet love, baby I would be nowhere.

Here I'll stay, locked in your web,

Till that day I might find somebody else.

I don't know....

just when that would be,

I don't know......

I can't say as I can't see.


Bridge: || 16 maten Bb6 |8 maten C6 | 8maten D6 |

|G | % | F | % |

|C | % |F-C-- | % ||

G7 etc. ... (repeat 3x)

Sail on, darlin', sail on

Woman, you go your way, and I'll go mine

Seems to me, that I once heard

That everything is finally cured by time

So sail on, darlin', sail on

Lord, I wish you good luck, and I'll see you when you come next time.


D etc....

Woman, you got those come and go blues

Yeah, you got those come and go blues,

Yes, you do, oh and you got me feelin' like a fool.

4x solo:

||G7 | % |A7b9/G | % |

|Cm6/G | % |G5 | % :||

Repeat Verse 1 + Chorus

Eindigen in intro...

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Brothers And Sisters , Stand Back: The Anthology

El acorde de Come And Go Blues de The Allman Brothers Band es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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