Acorde de Circuital - My Morning Jacket

Letra de Circuital

(First pattern)

Bb                   D
Spinning out, gracefully
Eb                 F
Going nowhere, quickly

I am older, day by day
Still going back to my childhood way

Round and round patiently
Getting lost by the guide
And I'm all worked up over nothing

(Second Pattern)

A# (Add some variations from D-major, easier done with a capo)                 
Circuits All in and out
Connect my body 
Deep into the ground

Circuits Connect the Earth to the moon
And link our heavenly bodies Not a moment too soon

Well you can fling open the windows
Or you can board them up
Saints to a crown Or Christ’s humble cup

You think you'll find yourself out there
Out in the lion’s den In somebody's battle
Over belief systems

Or disappear into the vacuum
Total neutrality Well you can't lose nothing
But nothing can be gained

Well anyway you cut it
We're just spinning around
Out on the circuits
Over the hollow grounds
Out on the circuits
Over the hollow grounds
Heading right back in the same place
That we started out
Right back in the same place
Right back in the same place
That we starting out


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