Acorde de Captain Jim's Drunken Dream - James Taylor

Letra de Captain Jim's Drunken Dream

G                     Em7                     G              Em7

Now you country fools in your one-horse town, you can laugh at me

G Em7 G Em7

It's plain as rain that you've never been down to the southern sea

G Em7 G Em7

To see me now is like watching a fish on dry land

G Em7 F/C C

I only wish you could see me down in the is- lands


Mister, that's my home

F C Am7 C/D G Em7 G Em7

What a fool I was to leave the only happiness I've known.

G Em7 G Em7

You see me comin', you wink your eye and call me Captain Jim

G Em7

And when I don't do nothin' but to walk on by you say,

G Em7

"Baby get a load of him."

G Em7 G Em7

All I need is the sea and the sky and I know where I stand

G Em7 F/C C

instead of you hicks straight out of the sticks deciding I ain't a man


You'll never understand;

F C Am7 D

Up here I'm just a whiskey bum but down there I'm a king


F C Am7 Dsus4

It sounds just like the angels up in heaven when they sing:

D7 G Em7 G Em7 G Em7

"Welcome home, welcome home." -- Such a sight to see

F C G/B Am7

instead of some Salvation Army sister singin'

C/D G Em7 G Em7

"Nearer My God to Thee."

G Em7 G Em7

Now I know that the Yankee whiskey is takin' away my mind

G Em7 G Em7

and I know that run is the only drink suitable to man-kind

G Em7 G Em7

And I know that this tree I'm under is shaped entirely wrong

G Em7 F/C C

I need to see a gentle palm tree and I won't wait too long


I can feel that it's comin' on strong

F C Am7 D

The first cold wind of winter is flappin' in my clothes

F C Am7 C/D

Showin' me the way with the direction that it blows.

G Em G Em7

Welcome home, welcome home, let it blow. (repeat and fade)

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