Acorde de Apple Cider Re-Constitution - Al Stewart

Letra de Apple Cider Re-Constitution

Intro: D

                      D        G         A            D
  When we came to the station,   all the trains were rusty

       G                      D              A
  The doors were open and the windows broken in

            D                G              A        D
  There was grass in all the cracks and the air hung  musty

        G                 D               G       A
  The travel posters were flapping in the wind

        Bm                A        G
  So we moved through the dust and gloom

                  Bm           A       G
  Playing waiting games in the waiting room

   Bm      A       G               Em7      Asus4  A
  Lay our sleeping bags out on the floor.

         D      A       G     A
  And on Sunday morning easy rider

  Bm       A       G     D
  Comes to me with apple cider

   G                 A              D     ---> G A D  ---> next verse or
  Leaves me here without a place to go.   ---> bridge


F#    F#7     Bm            F#7     Bm    F#7   Bm
  Any railway station would be just fine, fine, fine

            G                 A                    D
  To settle down and wash the cobwebs from your head

F#         F#7  Bm    F#7     Bm   F#7  Bm
  If your situation's running dry, dry, dry

                 Em               G                  G/A  ---> next verse
  Find a waiting room beneath the stars to make your bed.


       A       D       G A D  D A G A Bm A G D  G  A  D
.... a need to know               (as in chorus)

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