Acorde de Always Be - Jimmy Eat World

Letra de Always Be

Verse 1 (intro same chords) 

F Dm

Could have been a night like any other


One of us has to drive, once of us gets to think

F Dm

I'll force a laugh to break the silence


It's going to get harder still before it gets easy


C Dm Bb

You can't keep safe what wants to break

F Dm

I'm alone in this


I'ma as I've always been


Right behind what's happening

She's lost in this


She's like she'll always be

A little far for me to reach

Verse 2 (same chords as V1)

I was just a boy like every other

Thought I was something fierce

I thought I was ten times smarter

Love would be something that I'd just know

How are you going to know the feeling

Until you've lost it?

I've been losing plenty since..



C Dm Bb

Maybe something else I'm missing

Something good and you're the reason

It's a dream but there's a real world waiting


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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Chase This Light

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